What Is A CARFAX Vehicle History Report?

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Have Confidence With A CARFAX History Report

If you have a tight budget and an old car that keeps breaking down, you’re probably thinking about buying a used vehicle. You may hesitate to make the purchase because you worry about getting a lemon. If you live or work around Baton RougeChalmette, or Metairie, you can find quality used vehicles at Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard.

We provide a CARFAX Vehicle History Report with the used vehicles sale. This information will help you determine the right vehicle.

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What is a CARFAX Vehicle History Report?

CARFAX compiles information about every used vehicle, gathering data from numerous sources. The information in the reports comes from the state motor vehicle agencies, fire and police departments, and other sources to create a picture of the history of the vehicle.

The report gets broken down into sections, allowing you to find the information that is important to you.

Vehicle Overview

This is the beginning section of the report. It tells you the make and model, year and body style of the vehicle, and the type of engine. It also includes the last official odometer reading.

Ownership History

This section tells you how many people have owned the vehicle. It tells you when each person bought the vehicle and in what state it was registered. You will also find the approximate number of miles each person drove the vehicle per year. Included in this report is information about how the vehicle was used, whether for personal or commercial purposes or as a rental.

Title History

The title tells you whether the vehicle can be sold and driven on the road. A salvage title means the vehicle isn’t legal on the road. This section will say whether a special title is attached to the model, such as salvage, rebuilt, lemon, or junk.

Additional History

You will learn if the vehicle has been in any reported accidents. It will tell you about any damage that was sustained, including whether the airbags were deployed and if there have been any recalls that haven’t been taken care of.

Detailed History

In this section, all the information is compiled in chronological order. You’ll find out the service history of the vehicle and whether it was involved in any accidents. It will show when each previous owner purchased the vehicle.

Reading a CARFAX Vehicle History Report will give you valuable information that you can use to decide if you want to buy a vehicle. It also helps you decide if the vehicle is worth the price.

Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard provides these reports with the used vehicles we sell. We want you to review the information and decide if one of our vehicles is right for you.

Browse our used inventory to see what we have available. Feel free to request a CARFAX report and learn more about any car, truck, or SUV that catches your attention. Take it for a test drive to see how it handles and if it has the features you need. Let Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard provide a worry-free buying experience for used vehicles.

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