Discover Hyundai At Premier Clearance Center Of St. Bernard

Discover Hyundai At Premier Clearance Center Of St. Bernard

While Hyundai originated in South Korea, it is recognized around the world for quality vehicles and modern technology. The company has its headquarters in Seoul and has been around since 1967. It is part of Hyundai Motor Group, along with Kia Motors and Genesis Motor.

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The History of Hyundai

Even though Hyundai, as a motor company began in the 1960’s, the origination of the business, goes further back. It was first developed in 1947 as the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company by Chung Ju-Yung. The first model came in 1968 as Hyundai worked in partnership with Ford Motor Company for the Cortina.

The first car developed solely by Hyundai was the Pony in 1975. It used styling by an Italian designer and technology from Mitsubishi Motors, a Japanese automobile company. In 1982, the brand expanded to England and Canada in 1984 where it became quite popular in a short time. By 1985, the brand had sold one million cars.

It was in 1986 that Hyundai was finally able to pass the emissions test in the US and begin selling automobiles. Consumers quickly developed an interest in the vehicles because of their affordability. In 1988, Hyundai began to use its own technology in building vehicles, which started with the Sonata.

During this time, Chung Ju Yung was still the leader of the company. He passed the role to his son, Chung Mong Koo, in 1999. To further enhance the brand, the 10-year/100,000-mile warranty was added to new production in the U.S.

By 2004, Hyundai had developed a loyal following and a solid reputation with it listed in the top 100 most valuable brands around the world.