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Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard Serving Baton Rouge Drivers

At Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard, our team is excited to assist you in finding your perfect new vehicle. We have a massive inventory of quality pre-owned cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans for you to explore and take for a test drive. Maybe you are ready for a Kia Sportage with space for the whole family and all their gear or a super-economical Ford Fiesta that gets 35 MPG. Both are on our lot and ready for you to drive home today. Our dealership offers everything you will ever need when purchasing or maintaining your new car. Baton Rouge residents are excited to visit our dealership and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this one-stop shopping experience. At Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard, you will find:

  • A vast selection of the best pre-owned vehicles in the Baton Rouge area
  • A team of finance experts who can get you a great rate on your loan
  • Easy access from anywhere in Baton Rouge

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Explore the Beautiful City of Baton Rouge

Sing the River Sculpture is located in downtown Baton Rouge and is a focal point at night when it lights up. Connected to sensors in the Mississippi River, it plays music that corresponds to the ebb and flow of this massive body of water.

The Art Guild of Louisiana, Studio in the Park is a beautiful outdoor venue that displays several exhibits each year. This focal point in the city has been nationally recognized as one of the best River Art Shows in the country and is run entirely by a staff of volunteers.

Top 5 Attractions in Baton Rouge

Discover Used Vehicles for Sale at Premier Clearance Center

At Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard, we specialize in used vehicles. This means that when you visit from Baton Rouge, you’ll have:

  • A Wider Variety of Models to Pick From: Do you know what brand you like? Some people stick with one brand for decades, but if you want to test them all out, then you’ll want to visit our used inventory. While some dealerships might only have a few brands available at one time, we’ve procured cars from Kia, Toyota, Ford, and practically every other brand you can think of. Our selection is constantly changing, but you can check if we have your favorite brand right now by heading to our online inventory.
  • The Potential to Find Rare Cars: Most models might only get a few years on the market before they’re discontinued. If you’re looking for an older car that’s no longer available as a new vehicle, then you can browse our inventory today. While we can’t promise that we will have your specific model on our lot, there’s always the chance that it’s waiting to be found.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Vehicle

A lot of drivers have been told repeatedly that new vehicles are better than used ones, but this isn’t necessarily true, as there are some benefits that only a used car will bring to the table.

  • Tried and True: When a car is brand-new, there are likely problems that people don’t know about yet. While some brands run a tight ship, you might find that other models tend to have issues with various parts over the years. If you bought new, then you might be blindsided. Drivers who buy used vehicles can look up reviews, critiques, and more online before they move forward.
  • The Financial Benefits: When it comes to the financial benefits that a used model might offer, you’re going to want to look further than the price tag. The best part about buying a used vehicle is the fact that there’s a good chance that your insurance rate will drop. This isn’t true for everyone, but you’d be surprised by how often it happens. Used vehicles also depreciate at a slower rate than a new model would.

Capitalize on Your Test Drive Near Baton Rouge, LA

Sometimes when you’re looking at a new vehicle, you get so caught up in financing that you forget to even test drive it. We encourage all our visitors to test-drive their favorite models for a few different reasons.

  • Getting Comfortable: We don’t know your make-or-breaks when you walk in, so it’s up to you to decide what you like and what you don’t. If you test drive a car and you feel like its tech is clunky, then that’s something that you’ll want to keep in mind.
  • Driver Satisfaction: Unless you’re rich, you’re probably not buying a new vehicle every other week. When you visit from Baton Rouge, you’re going to want to make sure that the car that you pick is something that you’ll be able to enjoy for years.
  • Test Out the Features: When you’re looking at a car, you might see a list of the features that it comes with. A lot of drivers forget that they can test these out when they hop behind the wheel. Do you want to see how hot those heated seats get? Do you want to check the rear-view camera? These are the questions you should be asking when you get in the driver’s seat.

Value Your Trade at Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard

Offering your current vehicle as a trade-in is a great way to start the process of buying a new vehicle. By trading in your vehicle, you can use that towards a down payment towards one of the quality pre-owned vehicles at Premier Clearance Center. We offer top dollar for every trade-in to be sure that you are satisfied with the transaction. Get started with your trade-in online by using our Value Your Trade tool on our website.

Financing with Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard

At Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard, we understand that a brand-new vehicle might not be in your budget. But that does not mean that you don’t deserve a reliable pre-owned automobile that is fun to drive. Our highly skilled team of in-house finance experts is here to get you in the car of your dreams with a payment that you can afford. We specialize in securing loans for those who have had credit challenges in the past but need a reliable new car.


We know buying a new car can be stressful, but when you visit Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard, our entire staff will work with you and make the experience nothing but fun and exciting. We believe that’s the way car buying should be.