Family-Friendly Used Vehicles For Sale Near New Orleans

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Family-Friendly Used Vehicles For Sale Near New Orleans

You Can Easily Find The Perfect Family-Friendly Used Vehicle At Premier Clearance Center Of St. Bernard

As you look for a newer vehicle to drive around Baton RougeSlidell, or Hammond, you may be in need of a model that works for your entire family. Since families often have a long list of what everyone wants, you may want to check out one of these models that have been labeled as family friendly.

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Family-Friendly Cars

If you only have one or two kids, you may be quite content with a car for the family. Many sedans on the market today are ideal choices for three to five passengers. Before you choose a model, you’ll want to think about several aspects of the vehicles you look at.

Storage space is at a premium in cars, which is why you’ll want to check the trunk. Sedans with larger trunks allow you to fit more stuff inside without crowding your passengers. Think about what you’ll haul, like sports equipment, luggage, and groceries, to see if it is the size you need.

Safety is a critical aspect of any vehicle. Sedans offer a wide range of ratings, so look for one with a high rating from NHTSA and IIHS. Even beyond driver assistance technology, you’ll want to think about the design of the car, as safety cages and crumple zones can help protect your family.

Don’t forget about legroom, especially in the rear seat if you have older kids. If you will be using two or more car seats, you’ll need a wider back seat to fit everyone in.

Move Up to the Hatchback and Station Wagon

As your family grows, so do your needs. You’ll need more space to fit everyone and everything. A hatchback offers more space while still being an efficient ride. Modern models are also more stylish than those from several years ago.

You’ll want to consider cargo space to haul all your kids’ gear or camping equipment for a weekend away. All models from 2002 and forward are required to have the LATCH system, but you’ll want to notice placement in the vehicle to give you more options for car seats.

For Larger Families

As your family grows in number and size, you may outgrow any car. Instead, you’ll want to consider a minivan or an SUV. Crossovers are a stylish option if you want a more contemporary ride. They drive more like a sedan while offering the function of a minivan.

Look for models with three rows of seating but be aware that not all third rows are the same. Some models have a tight third row that is only large enough for young children. Don’t forget about cargo space in these vehicles. Make sure the model you choose has enough space for your everyday storage needs with all three rows in place as well as added storage with one or two rows folded.

As your vehicle increases in size, you may see it decrease in fuel efficiency. To counteract the problem, consider an SUV or minivan with hybrid technology.

To find the perfect family vehicle for you, visit Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard to see our inventory in person. Stop by for a test drive today.

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