Bad Credit Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Financing In Chalmette, LA

Bad Credit Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Financing In Chalmette, LA

We Can Help You Get Qualified For Vehicle Financing

If you’ve had credit issues in the past, lost a job, dealt with unexpected medical bills, or just had some financial problems, you may think it’s impossible to get into a better vehicle than the one you’re driving. With Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard, we work with people with all types of credit. We can help you get into a quality used vehicle that fits your needs and budget. If you live around Chalmette, Gretna, or Hammond, you can talk to our finance team about getting qualified for a car loan.

Get Pre-Qualified

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Here at the Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard in Chalmette, Louisiana, we work with motorists of all financial backgrounds, so if you’re interested in bad credit financing and have any of the following on your credit report:

  • Divorces
  • High debt-to-income ratios
  • History of late payments
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossessions
  • Bankruptcies

Don’t hesitate to send our professional credit experts a loan application via our secure online form now! We’ll carefully review your material before getting in touch with you to discuss:

  • Your unique credit score
  • The certified pre-owned options that complement your needs
  • A down payment amount
  • Our high rate of approval when it comes to bad credit car loans

Because we want to see all our drivers succeed, we’ll only present you with comprehensive loan packages that leave you feeling satisfied. Get sub-prime auto loans that meet your needs today, reach out to our certified used car dealership near New Orleans, LA now!

What Are Sub-Prime Loans?

Sub-prime loans are designed for those borrowers who have credit issues in their history. It may be one or more of the factors listed above or it could be a series of late payments that caused your low credit score. Lenders offer people a second chance with sub-prime loans, helping them rebuild their credit over time with on-time payments.

These loans come with higher interest rates based on the credit scores. The higher interest rates help protect lenders from the increased risk they must carry. However, our finance experts avoid predatory lenders who charge extreme rates and take advantage of borrowers. Our loan terms are affordable and fit in a variety of budgets to make buying a quality used vehicle possible.

One of the benefits of getting a sub-prime loan is that it allows you to improve your credit score while you’re driving a reliable vehicle. As you make more payments on time, your credit score will increase. Once your loan is paid off, you can often qualify for a new vehicle or better terms on your next used model. Lenders are often more willing to approve a loan on a used vehicle that’s less expensive than a new model. You don’t have to wait until you’ve repaired your credit rating, and the negative information has gone away to get into a reliable vehicle when you shop with Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard.

How To Be Prepared For A Bad Credit Loan

To help you get into one of our quality pre-owned models, we offer a variety of bad credit financing. You can start by filling out the pre-qualification form, which will give you an idea of how much you can qualify for in a loan. You can also use our Value Your Trade form to find out how much your vehicle is worth. You’ll provide some basic information about your vehicle online. Once you come to the dealership, we’ll verify that information and apply the value of the vehicle to your purchase. You can lower your down payments or get into a more expensive model with your trade-in. Our finance specialists will talk with you about ways to improve your credit score and what documents you need for a loan. Feel free to ask questions, so that the loan process is less intimidating for you.

Apply For Bad Credit Financing Today

If you’d like to review the bad credit car loans that are available to you today, don’t hesitate to make your way over to our certified pre-owned dealership near Metairie, LA at your earliest convenience. Our knowledgeable finance team can help you complete a credit application, answering any loan questions you may have along the way, before reaching out to the lenders we work with to start to explore all viable packages. Don’t miss your chance to own a certified pre-owned Toyota or Dodge, team up with Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard in Chalmette, LA for quality bad credit financing assistance!

Fill out the application or give us a call at Premier Clearance Center of St. Bernard today. Let us help you get into a used vehicle that meets your needs.